248. That’s the last straw!

That’s the last straw!: After so many problems, that’s just too much to endure!

Boss: That’s the last straw! We have to change our business plan for the next quarter, or we will suffer a loss in sales. 

246. Catch someone red-handed

Catch someone red-handed: catch someone in the act of doing something wrong

Mom: Aha! I caught you red-handed! You’re trying to eat some cookies before dinner, huh?

Son: ….uh, no….

Mom: Don’t lie. I’ve caught you!

419. Look for someone or something

Look for someone or something: try to find someone or something

Tim: What are you doing?

Sam: I’m looking for my glasses. Have you seen them?

245. Do away with something

Do away with something: put an end to something; destroy something

Boss: We need to do away with this frivolous spending. It’s hurting our profits

Manager: Okay, we’ll start a new campaign to fix this issue.

243. Hit if off (with someone)

Hit it off (with someone): quickly become good friends (with someone)

Noriko: How was the social event?

Lee: It went well. Met a nice girl there, and we hit it off. 

Noriko: Nice, are you going to see her again?

Lee: Most likely.