Care For And Care About

If we accept the enormous challenge of moving to another country, we find that how we are treated there is more important than the charms of our new home; we need people to care ____ us.
a. of
b. for
c. about
There are 2 possible answers, but they have different meanings.

The answers–according to Standard English Style–are b and c.

To care aboutsomeone means to be concerned for his or her well-being. To careforsomeone is to tend totake care of that person, as a mother, wife or nurse does–or other loving family members and professionals do.
1. Whenever I was sick during my childhood, my mother cared for me every day that I was home from school. She would bring me meals and hot tea in bed, give me medicine and check my temperature.
2. My father had to work during the day and early evening, so when he got home he cared about me by asking my mother whether I had drunk enough water and had taken my medicine, then he would come visit me in my room and ask me the same questions–just to make sure.
Notice in  example 1. that the speaker’s mother is actually tending to, or taking care of him physically; she is there, bringing him things and examining his condition–in the room. This is caring for.
Notice in  example 2. that the speaker’s father asked questions about his convalescence (his getting better — his recovery. He is not actually doing something. This is caring about.
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【制限】に関する英語表現 – put a limit / up to a limit of~

➊ put a limit 制限を設ける
– We need to put a limit on how many people we allow into our program.
➋ reach one’s limit 限界に達する
– I’ve reached my limit of patience.
❸ a time limit 時間制限
– There’s a time limit to how long you can park your car here.
❹ an age limit 年齢制限
– The military put an age limit to enlistment.
❺ There is a limit to ~に制限がある
There is a limit to how many people a university can accept at one time.
❻ up to a limit of ~の限度まで
– The nightclub can let in up to a limit of 200 people.

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➊ be interested to hear ぜひ聞きたい
– I’d be interesting to hear your opinion on climate change.
➋ be glad to hear 聞いて嬉しい
– I am glad to hear from you. It’s been awhile.
❸ be sorry to hear 聞いて残念だ
– We are sorry to hear of the loss of your family member.
❹ hear of A:Aのことを伝え聞く
Have you ever heard of this new diet?
❺ usually hear ほとんど聞こえる – I usually hear my next door neighbors arguing.
❻ ever heard 今まで聞いた
– That’s the craziest story I’ve ever heard.


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➊ get an impression 印象を受ける – I get the impression that he is a smart person.
➋ give an impression 印象を与える – It is important to give a good impression of yourself during a job interview.
❸ an initial impression 第一印象 – After looking at the report, the manager got an initial impression of the content.
❹ an overall impression 全体の印象 – I got an overall impression of the artistic piece.
❺ particularly impressive 特に印象的な – His athletic ability is particularly impressive.


➊all night 一晩中 – I stayed up studying all night for my exam.
➋spend a night 泊まる – My friend often spends a night at my house on the weekend.
❸stay the night 一夜を過ごす – If you miss your last train, you can stay the night at my place.
❹get an early night 早く寝る – I’m really tired. I think I’m going to get an early night and go to sleep.
❺have a bad night 眠れない – If I have a bad night, I can’t sleep well.
❻a late night 夜更かし – Sometimes I like to get a late night snack at the convenience store.
❼by night 夜に – The package was sent by night.


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➊ hospitalize入院する – The patient needs to be hospitalized in order to stabilize her health.
➋ go see a doctor病院に行く – I need to go see a doctor. I’ve had a stomachache for the past week.
❸ leave hospital 退院する – The doctor said if I continue to recover, I can leave the hospital in a few days.
❹ be taken to a hospital 病院に運ばれる – She is having a baby now! She needs to be taken to a hospital.
❺ a general hospital総合病院 – a general hospital is much bigger than a clinic.

☆offer hospitality もてなす – Japan is famous for its amazing ability to offer hospitality.


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➊ one and a half hours 1時間半 – We studied for one and a half hours.
➋ an hour’s drive 車で一時間 – Osaka is about an hour’s drive from here.
❸ half an hour 30分 – It takes about a half an hour to prepare for the event.
❹ a quarter of an hour 15分 – The karate students sparred for a quarter of an hour.
❺ take 3 hours 3時間かかる – It’s going to take 3 hours to repair your car.
❻ last 2 hours 2時間続く – He has been taking the test for the last 2 hours.


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➊almost kill 死ぬ思いをする – The samurai almost kills his opponent with his sword.
➋be nearly killed 死にそうになる – The soldier was nearly killed as the bullet flew past his head.
❸be killed in a car crash 交通事故で死ぬ – The famous writer was killed in a car crash.
❹~is killing me ~が死ぬほど痛い – This headache is killing me. I need to take some medicine.
❺be killed instantly 即死する – The pilot was killed instantly when the plane crashed into the side of the mountain.


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➊ draw a line 線を引く – The child wanted to draw a line in the sand, but the family wanted to leave the beach earlier than usual.
➋ hold the line 電話を切らずにおく – The soldiers were ordered to hold the line, no matter what.
❸ wait in a line for 一列になって待つ – We have to wait in line for the concert.
❹ jump the line 列に割り込む – The runner started too quickly and jumped the line.
❺ line up 並ぶ – The children line up one by one.
❻ stand in line 列に並ぶ – The people were angry because they had to stand in line in the sun.


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➊ exactly the same まったく同じ – She bought me exactly the same shirt as last year.
➋ essentially the same 本質的に同じ – Both cars are essentially the same.
❸ much the same ほぼ同じ – Sometimes we want people to change, but they are much the same.
❹ the same age as me 私と同じ年だ – My best friend is the same age as me.
❺ It’s the same old story いつものことだが – They fight, break up, and get back together again. It’s the same old story.


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