475. Be out of the woods

Be out of the woods: be out of danger after an illness, injury, or difficult situation.

Rick: Feeling better, today?

John: A lot better than yesterday for sure, but I’m not quite out of the woods yet. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow to get checked. 

474. Put two and two together

Put two and two together: figure something out; reason from the facts.

George: I’m trying to figure out this math problem, but can’t seem to put two and two together. 

Sam: Have you tried to another formula?

473. Why in the world?

Why in the world: why really? why in fact?

Jim: Why in the world is she late to our meeting?

Sam: She sent me a text about 5 minutes ago. She got caught in traffic due to an accident. 


472. Pass out

Pass out: lose consciousness; faint

Frank: What happened to Jim last night?

Tom: He was passed out drunk. Drank too much at the Christmas party, so I had to take him home. 

470. To the letter

To the letter: exactly as written or instructed; perfectly

Boss: Can you recopy this spreadsheet? I need it to be an exact duplicate, down to the letter. 

Manager: Sure, I’ll have it done right away. 

469. Keep a stiff upper lip

Keep a stiff upper lip: be brave and calm in a difficult situation

Commentator: Look at the state of the boxer in the eighth round. His right eye is practically swollen up, but he keeps a stiff upper lip. His toughness is unbelievable. 

468. In the middle of something

In the middle of something: while something is happening; during something

Manager: Hey Boss, may I speak to you for a minute?

Boss: Not now, I’m in the middle of a phone call. I’ll talk to you afterwards.

467. Lay something out

Lay something out: arrange or organize something

Mom: Okay, I’m going to lay out your clothes tomorrow for school. Make sure you get some sleep.

Son: Okay mom, good night.

466. Be concerned about someone or something

Be concerned about someone or something: worry about someone or something

Rick: Everything okay?

Noriko: I am a little concerned about my TOEIC exam. I don’t want to have to take it again.

Rick: I’m sure you did fine.