039. The same A as B=Bと同じA

1. This is the same book I purchased last week.

2. She lives in the same town as I do.

3. They want to believe that their product is the same as their competitor’s, if not better.

4. This country is on the same longitude as the United States.

5. Are we on the same page as the accounting department?

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455. Be disappointed by someone or something

Be disappointment by someone or something: feel that your hopes were not met by someone or something

Manager: I saw the performance by our sales team this quarter, and I must say that I‘m rather disappointed by it all. 

Boss: What will we do to respond to this loss in productivity?

Manager: I have several strategies in place now. We should see an upswing soon.


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443. Go by (someone or something)

Go by (someone or something): pass; move past (someone or something)

Tim: What’s going on with Sam?

Frank: What do you mean?

Tim: I went by his house the other day, and his front window was broken.

Frank: He didn’t tell you? His neighbor’s child accidentally broke it. 

427. Dream of (doing) something

Dream of (doing) something: think about something that you wish for the future

Noriko: What do you dream of doing?

Sam: I want to be a professional boxer. Fighting is a big part of my life and I would love to do that for the rest of my life. Or, at least until I become old. 

248. That’s the last straw!

That’s the last straw!: After so many problems, that’s just too much to endure!

Boss: That’s the last straw! We have to change our business plan for the next quarter, or we will suffer a loss in sales. 

246. Catch someone red-handed

Catch someone red-handed: catch someone in the act of doing something wrong

Mom: Aha! I caught you red-handed! You’re trying to eat some cookies before dinner, huh?

Son: ….uh, no….

Mom: Don’t lie. I’ve caught you!

419. Look for someone or something

Look for someone or something: try to find someone or something

Tim: What are you doing?

Sam: I’m looking for my glasses. Have you seen them?