[US] 23. New Year’s in Japan and other holidays

One of the most interesting aspects about living in Japan is experiencing different holidays in the country. Personally, I love holidays and festivals in Japan, since I have a chance to eat tons of food. There are many interesting festivals in Japan, and from what I’ve seen, many individual towns and cities have their own unique way of celebrating. In America, we have similar holidays throughout the year, where we share moments with family and eat meals together.

Another interesting aspect of Japanese and American culture is how they celebrate the New Year. In Japan, many people visit temples and shrines and wish for a better year. In America, depending where you are, many people do different things. For example, last year, I went to downtown Houston and counted down the seconds until it turned midnight. These differences are very interesting and unique in their own way.


1) What do you usually do during festivals and New Year’s?

2) What is your favorite holiday?

3) When you celebrate New Year’s, what do you usually do?

4) When you celebrate holidays, do you spend time with mostly family or friends?

5) What holiday are you looking forward to in the future?

Key Words and Phrases:

tons of / throughout the year / counted down

the seconds / midnight

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