Hear Me Out to The Last

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【日本語らしい表現 英語では?】 「最後まで話を聞いて」 Listen to me to the last(☓) Hear me out. (○) “Before you say no, hear me out.” ダメだって言う前に最後まで話を聞いて。

From Twitter:
At The Japanese Ministry of Education
Taku: We should develop a ‘v’ and an ‘f;’ before you say ‘no,listen to me to the last… (Listen to me until I finish talking.)
Toshi: Ridiculous.
Taku: Hear me out. (“Listen to my whole idea.”)
Toshi: Look: we don’t need to, as everyone can pronounce words such as ‘biolin’ in English with a ‘v’ and ‘f.’

Photo: Sebastian Herrmann

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