463. Read between the lines

Read between the lines: guess at something that has not been stated directly.

Rick: My favorite book is the Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

Sam: Why?

Rick: It isn’t as important as what he says, but more about what he doesn’t say. If you read between the lines, you’ll find the deeper meaning in his writing. 

462. Ask for someone’s hand

Ask for someone’s hand: ask for permission to marry someone

Arthur: What is it that you want, sir?

Lancelot: I ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage.

Arthur: What do you think you’ve done to deserve such an honor?

Lancelot: I will protect her all of my days.

Arthur: First, you must prove yourself. 

461. Be the real thing

Be the real thing: be genuine and authentic

Sam: Check out this gold coin. It cost me a fortune.

Rick: Is it the real thing?

Sam: Of course. 100% gold.

460. Set eyes on someone or something

Set eyes on someone or something: see someone or something for the first time

Frank: I climber Mount Fuji last year.

Noriko: No way, how was it?

Frank: When you set your eyes on the early morning sunrise, there’s nothing like it. 

459. Be on edge

Be on edge: be nervous

Toshiro: Why are you on edge?

Kenji: I have my university exam today, so I have to pass it.

Toshiro: I see. Good luck.

458. Be nuts

Be nuts: be crazy or intense.

Rick: Have you seen that move called “Fatal Attraction?” It’s about this crazy lady who is a stalker.

Tim: Yes, I saw it awhile back. She was nuts, wasn’t she?


457. Be nervous about something

Be nervous about something: feel afraid a little excited about something

Rick: Hey I heard you’re going skydiving. When?

Noriko: Soon, but to be honest, I’m a little nervous about doing it. I think I might reconsider. 

456. Make a trip

Make a trip: travel someplace

Tom: What are you doing this weekend?

Sam: I’m planning on making a trip to go the beach. I want to set some surfing in.