”Corona Quiz”

Dear Followers, please answer:
Social Distancing means:
a. not meeting friends
b. not meeting friends and others
c. not meeting friends and others in person/staying at least 6 feet apart

# is important because:
a. We should avoid the sick.
b. We don’t know who is sick.

Left-hand Photo: Ben Garratt; Right-hand Photo: James Lee

Answers And Explanation
c. Social Distancing means: not meeting friends and others in person/staying at least 6 feet apart (the ‘staying 6 feet or 2 meters’ bit is the whole point; It doesn’t make sense to avoid seeing friends people most of the time, if when you do see them you stand close together!)
② b. We don’t know who is sick. We could be the sick one! IN fact, that is how we should act: as if we are all infected.

Crazy Behavior

A: What happened ya?
B: A guy threw a mask me, so I yelled him and we fought.
A: What’ya say him?
B: “Hey, that’s crazy!”
A: He thought you called HIM crazy.
B: No. So he got angry?
A: Yes.
B: No. I called his BEHAVIOR crazy.
A: In Japan, it’s the same.


Answers And Explanations
with, because we refer to a situation one is involved with.
② at, because we throw things friendly-like to someone and angrily at someone.
at, to, because we yell at a person.
to, because we say something to a person.

Are You OK?

Photo: Bruce Mars

From Twitter:

Jo: Hello?
Mo: Hi!
Jo: How’ya doin‘?
Mo: Okay. You?
Jo: All right.
Everyone okay there?
Mo: OK.
Mo: Have ya masks?
Jo: One! it help?
Mo: If you’re careful with it and don’t touch the front.
Jo: Yeah?
Mo: Well, you can save old folks!
Jo: Hmm!


Answers And Explanation
① got, is the answer, because ‘have’ requires the Present Perfect form of the verb ‘get,’: got or gotten.
does, as in does it help?,’ because it is a set expression, which is the only one that fits the sentence.

Reporter & Person

From Twitter:

Reporter: Do you have (1.)_ you (2.)_ to protect (3.)_ the Corona Virus?
Person: Well, I take a bath each week, whether I need it or not; if someone sneezes, I go home.
Reporter: Excuse- …1 bath a week?
Person: And I carry knives, forks, spoons, a cup.


Answers And Explanations:

Answers 1 & 2 are: precautions and take, because you need a noun after ‘have’, and take is the verb that goes with it or, deed and do, because, again, we need a noun after have and do is the verb that goes with it.

Answer 3 is against or from. Come to class to learn why from is not the best answer here without a pronoun, but is passable.