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The answer is ‘shut them down.’ The meaning is akin to “stop,” “end,” “discontinue,” #terminate” and “block.” It’s not about causing someone to be quiet. The “shutting down” is of the event, in this case.

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What do you think?

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Toshi: _ of politics?
Tom: You should pay attention to it.
Toshi: We think it’s a waste of time.
Tom: That’s why it wastes more than your time.
Toshi: What do ya mean?
Tom: You don’t care, so it wastes your money, taxes, health and time.

Do you like
What do you think

Answer And Explanation
A. The answer is what do you think; but some people (even one of my favorite living philosophers… not mentioning names… [his initials are Sam Harris] …) say “how do you think?,” but this means something different, such as what is the mechanism of your thought process; that is totally different and inappropriate for this situation (and others) wherein we want to know what thoughts someone has on a subject in the contents of their ideas–not how they arrive at them (chemically or procedural-ly).

B. “Think of politics?” kind of works in casual, abbreviated, dialectic speech, but these questions that I make here and on Twitter are about proper, Standard English.

C. “Do you like of politics?” makes no sense.