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Choose the best option to fill in the blank.
① give
② gave
③ gives
④ sacrificed
⑤ gives up
⑥ sacrifices
⑦ worked
⑨ work
⑩ working

The answer is option 6, ‘sacrifice.’ 
Explanation: First, sacrifice is in the right tense. And word choice-wise it is practically a set expression, culturally, one knows it is right. Second, gives and gives up work grammatically, but gives up doesn’t make sense in the context of the sentence and meaning and gives is okay, but slightly off in nuance. This is the kind of thing one learns in cultural immersion in another country–or in class. You cannot learn it from grammar.


Your mom married a house?

From Twitter:

A. What do your parents do–if I may ask?
B. Sure. My dad’s a juggler and comedian, and my mom is a housewife.
A. “…”
B. What: why so confused?
A. Your mom married a house?
B. Huh?
A. You said she’s a housewife.
B. Yeah.
A. No, no, no. She’s a __



Answer And Explanation

The answer is ‘homemaker‘, because we like to be more polite to people making a home. Saying house-husband or house-wife sounds demeaning.