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What I have noticed since living in Japan compared to America is how much more walking and bicycling I do on a given day. In the American state of Texas, things tend to be rather far away, so having a car is essential. With the availability of transportation in Japan, you don’t need to have a car at all. So therefore, I am walking longer distances and exercising more.

Going to the gym was interesting as well. When I signed up for a membership, the staff would walk me through how to use all of the weights, when in America, I just register for the fee and start training. Perhaps, this was a special gym I went to, so maybe it isn’t the rule, but I thought that was an interesting observation.

For me, it is rather tough to gain weight here. Due to getting more exercise than ever before, as well as well as eating smaller portions, and having long working hours, losing weight has never been easier. In the US, it can be quite the opposite depending on what you do. Since you have to use cars to get to many places, as well as having portion sizes that are much bigger than in Japan, gaining weight isn’t that difficult.


1) Do you exercise? If so, what do you do?

2) Many foreign men tell me about how when they first get to Japan, they lose weight. Why do you think this happens?

3) In your opinion is it difficult to gain weight in Japan? Why or why not?

4) Do you think exercise is good? Why or why not?

5) If someone wanted to exercise in Japan, what would you recommend?

Key Words and Phrases:

on a given day / to be rather / far away / membership

rather tough to / due to / depending on / Since

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