[US] 21. Vegetarianism in Japan

Nowadays, vegetarianism and veganism (which means not eating ANY animal products) are quite trendy in America. Having lived that lifestyle myself, I chose to eat that way for health reasons, so I am not as strict as others. Although, I’ll sometimes eat a piece of fish, I mostly eat nothing but fruits and vegetables. Living in Japan, it was surprisingly tough at first to eat mostly a plant-based diet, but after doing my own research, it isn’t difficult to get the hang of it.

At first this was puzzling to me, since Japan is a “traditionally” Buddhist country, so I thought the prevalence of vegetarian alternatives would be abundant. In some cases you can find these items without much problem, but it does take a little extra looking around to do so. Additionally, you are starting to see healthier foods being advertised such as chia seeds and kale. So, being vegetarian or vegan isn’t as tough as some make it out to be. Reading food labels and making sure there aren’t a lot of additives in foods goes a long way in being able to have an alternative eating style in Japan.


1) Do you know anyone who is vegetarian or vegan?

2) Have you ever tried eating vegetarian style or any other type of diet? What effects did you notice?

3) What is your opinion of vegetarianism?

4) In your opinion, why is it a little more difficult to find food that is vegetarian or vegan friendly in Japan?

5) What did you eat for lunch yesterday? What did you eat for dinner yesterday?

Key Words and Phrases:

vegetarianism / veganism / mostly / nothing but / at first to / the hang of

chia seeds / kale / out to be / additives / alternative

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