[US] 26. Movies in Japan

One of the most convenient things about living in Japan is how often they show Western movies. I think it’s great that I get to watch American movies and foreign films in Japan, with the original audio. This is because many movies have Japanese subtitles, so I can watch movies in English all the time.

Going to the movies was a big pastime for me when I was in America. It brings back to the time when I would watch movies with my mother and father. My favorite snack is popcorn, so anytime I get an opportunity to eat it is wonderful.

Not only do I enjoy going to the movies (or the cinema as it’s more commonly referred to)  in Japan, but I also like renting movies as well. I have watched many films in Japan that I would never have the opportunity to in the United States. Watching movies in Japan is a fun experience!


1) What is your favorite movie and why?

2) When is the last time you watched a movie?

3) When you go to the movies (or cinema), do you eat snacks? If so, what do you eat?

4) What kind of movies do you like to watch?

5) Do you prefer to watch movies with the original audio and just read subtitles or do you prefer to “dub” (change) the audio? Why?

Key Words and Phrases:

films / original / subtitles / pastime

snack / not only / but I also / as well

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