Issue: AI

Many people–famous people–scholars, scientists, engineers, philosophers and neuro-scientists are concerned about AI。People such as Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, Sam Harris, the late Stephen Hawking、Nick Bostrom …. Here, Don and Jon are discussing AI too:
Don: What’ya have against AI?
“What’ya” means “what do you…”  / “What do you have against…” means Why don’t you like___?
Jon: Not AI–unregulated AI.
Jon is saying: It’s not AI that I am talking about/that I don’t like; it’s unregulated AI. / Regulation (“unregulated”) is government laws that protect us from companies and the damage they do when they only think about profit-or when they overlook safety, citizen rights and the environment. Jon is concerned about AI developing without limits on its power.
Don: Leave it to the consumer!
Leave it (to) ____ means “let ____ take care of it.” Don is saying: Let the market decide what AI will be like.
Jon: Like the Internet?
This should be “Like with the internet?”)
Don: What’s wrong with that?
What’s wrong with the internet?)
Jon: Fraud, no privacy, election-tampering, cancel-culture, doxing?
All the things Jon mentions are examples of what Jon thinks is wrong with the internet; he mentions this to say that the internet–though we love it–compromises our lives at the same time that it helps us.This is a big issue among philosophers, scientists and other academics.
Cancel-culture is the situation where netizens and social media platforms ban users because they don’t like what those users have said–even if what they said was just the truth, or scientific facts or sensitive.
Doxing (from “document dropping”) is taking someone’s personal information–or a company’s corporate information–and releasing it on the internet in order to bring harm to that person or company.
Don: I don’t know what that means.
Don is not into issues, particularly AI, so doesn’t know what’s going on  about that issue or the internet.
Jon: We need regulation.
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