What I do And What Is Done

From Twitter
I go shopping at the market after cleaning the house each morning. The Corona Virus situation has change our activities.

A. usual
B. usually

Answer And Explanation
① A. ‘usually;’ is an adverb, which is required to help (“modify”) the verb go. 
② B. ‘usual’ is an adjective, which is needed to help (“modify”) the noun activities.

Clean Your Hands

From Twitter
1. What are they doing?
A) It is sanitize itselves.
B) They is sanitize theyselves.
C) The dog and cat is sanitizing themselves.
D) They are sanitize themselves.
E) They dog and cat are sterilizing their paws.

T or F?
2. We use sanitizer to cure our hands.
3. It doesn’t help

1. E shows proper tense and proper subject/verb agreement
2. False, because sanitizer kills germs, it doesn’t cure.
3. False, because sanitizer does help.


From Twitter

A: Do ya sacrifice for #publicsafety due to #CoronaVirus?
B: How?
A: Many don’t don masks as the @WHO says we don’t need to unless we’re health workers–but I _ that comfort; I wear one to protect others.
B: I wear one for myself! People breathe* nearby!
Don means “put on.”

gave up


Answer And Explanation:
The answer is ‘gave up,’ which means sacrifice.
We sacrifice activities, behaviors and things we benefit from or like to achieve a goal, like in progress or in loving others.

COVID19 is Inhaled

A: You can _ the #CoronaVirus by breathing.

B: Oh?

A: Yes– a bus, train, boat, plane; a room, an office, an elevator–any closed space and with air-con–near infected folks–you can it.
B: Not only by sneeze, cough?

A: Right.
Answers And Explanations
① on, because we get on large vehicles.
② in, because we get in small vehicles.
③ catch, because we catch a virus, a cold, a communicable disease.

On The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, in this episode, Dr. Osterholm explains that you can catch the Corona Virus from people in the same space–near you– just breathing.