266. Be in the same boat (as someone)

Be in the same boat (as someone): be in the same situation, with the same problem(s)

John: Man, this is terrible! I cannot work with while I’m sweating like this.

Sam: The A/C has been broken since Wednesday, everyone is feeling the same thing. 

John: Glad to hear that it just isn’t me. We’re all in the same boat then. 

427. Dream of (doing) something

Dream of (doing) something: think about something that you wish for the future

Noriko: What do you dream of doing?

Sam: I want to be a professional boxer. Fighting is a big part of my life and I would love to do that for the rest of my life. Or, at least until I become old. 

419. Look for someone or something

Look for someone or something: try to find someone or something

Tim: What are you doing?

Sam: I’m looking for my glasses. Have you seen them?

239. Hand something out

Hand something out: distribute something

Student: When are you going to hand out the study guides?

Teacher: The end of this week. Until then, let’s focus on the next chapter. 

235. Ask for trouble

Ask for trouble: do something that will cause problems later

Rick: Have you talked to the manager about the problems in the report? 

Ron: That’s asking for trouble, you know. It’s better to wait until it’s fully edited. 

392. Show up (at a place)

Show up at (a place): arrive (somewhere); appear

Hank: What happened yesterday?

Sam: The police showed up at my job. They were looking for a criminal in the area.

Hank: Did they catch him?

Sam: Not sure. They didn’t ask me any questions. 

224. Live through something

Live through something: survive something

Rick: How is your mother?

Sam: She’s doing better now. She battled cancer for quite some time now, but she lived through the treatment. 

Rick: She’s quite strong.