❶very afraid→ fearful 恐ろしい
❷very angry→ furious 怒り狂った
❸very annoying→ exasperating しゃくにさわる
❹very bad→ awful 酷い
❺very boring→ dull 退屈な

❶very big→ massive 大規模な
❷very beautiful→ gorgeous 華麗な
❸very bright→ luminous 輝く
❹very careful→ cautious 用心深い
❺very calm→ serene 落ち着いた

➊very cheap→ stingy ケチな
➋very clean→ spotless 清潔な
❸very clear→ obvious 明らかな
❹very cold→ freezing 非常に寒い
❺very colorful→ vibrant 鮮やかな

➊very creative→ innovative 革新的な
➋very complete→ comprehensive 包括的な
❸very competitive→ cutthroat 競争が激しい
❹very confused→ perplexed 複雑な

➊very accurate→ exact 正確な
➋very cute→ adorable 愛おしい
❸very fast→ swift 迅速な、即座の
❹very loud→ thunderous 雷のような
❺very slow→ sluggish ゆるやかな

➊very dirty→ filthy 汚れた
➋very deep→ profound 深みのある
❸very depressed→ despondent 落胆して
❹very different→ disparate 異なる
❺very empty→ desolate 寂しい

➊very willing→ eager 待ち焦がれる
➋very weak→ frail もろい
❸very unhappy→ miserable みじめな
❹very tall→ towering 高くそびえる
❺very talented→ gifted 才能豊かな

➊very smart→ intelligent 知的な
➋very simple→ basic 基本的な
❸very shy→ timid 小心な
❹~short→ brief 簡潔な
❺~sad→ sorrowful 悲しみに暮れる
❻~rainy→ pouring 降り注ぐ


【You’re welcome】の代わりに使える英語表現

【You’re welcome】の代わりに使える英語表現
➊Anytime – Give me a call anytime.
➋That’s all right – That’s all right, I’ll pick up the package next time.
❸Glad to help – I’m glad to help anyone in need.
❹My pleasure – It’s my pleasure to meet you.
❺No problem – No problem. I’ll talk to you again later.
❻No worries – No worries. I’m not offended at all.
❼Not at all – Not at all. It’s not an issue at all.
❽Don’t mention it – Don’t mention it is another way of saying “you’re welcome.”


➊dress up 正装 – We have to dress up for this formal party tonight.
➋bring up 育てる、提案する – We have to bring up this topic in the next meeting.
❸build up 鍛え上げる – We need to build up support to our cause.
❹burn up 焼けてしまう、怒らせる – The wood burned up in the fireplace.
❺call up 思い出す – I called up my friend to come over.
❻eat up 完食 – Did you eat up all of the snacks?
❼chop up 小切る – Please chop up the onions before putting them in the soup.
❾do up ボタンをかける – Do up your shoelaces.
❿check up 健康診断 – I went to the doctor for a check up.


➊Make money お金を稼ぐ – I make money in business.
➋Make good money 高収入を得る – You can make good money if you invest in stocks.
❸Money talks 金がものをいう – Money talks. If you give people a large sum, you can get what you want.
❹Money isn’t everything 金が全てじゃない – We can’t pollute the water just to make a profit. Money isn’t everything.
❺Life isn’t all about money 人生はお金じゃない – Life isn’t all about money. It is about family and friends as well.


➊Beer belly ビールっ腹 -After going to too many drinking parties after work, he developed a beer belly.
=➋Potbelly – Eating too many sweets will get you a potbelly.
❸Love handle おなか周りのぜい肉 – I have to do some ab exercises to get rid of my love handles.
❹Washboard abs 腹筋 – After working out for six months, I now have washboard abs.
★Washboard 洗濯板 – A long time ago, people used to wash their clothes with washboards.
❺Have a six pack 6つに割れた腹筋を持っている – I want to get a six pack before the summer.
❻Work out 運動する – I like to work out three times a week.


➊No good ダメ – Eating too many sweets is no good.
➋No big deal 大したことない I dropped my phone, but it’s no big deal. I’ll just buy another one.
❸No rush 急がないで – There is no rush. Come to the meeting when you can.
❹No matter what~ どんなに〜ても – I’ll never give up no matter what.
❺No response 応答なし – I sent her a text message, but received no response.
❼No new news is good news 便りが無いのは良い便り – We haven’t had any problems, so no new news is good news.


❶check in・out  チェックイン・アウト I’ll check into the hotel. What time is checkout?
❷drop off 途中で降ろす – Please drop off your belongings here.
❸get away 旅に出る – I want to get away and go traveling.
❹get in 駅や空港に着く – Get in the car, and we’ll drive to the restaurant.
❺see 人 off 見送る – I will see my son off to college next month.
❻set off 出発する – We set off on a journey towards the forest.
❼stop over 立ち寄る – The plane will make a brief stop over in Chicago before continuing on to New York.
❽touch down 着陸する – After we touch down in San Francisco, let’s head to a cafe.